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Pip Coders Website Design is consistently rated in the top three website developers in Maryland. We are ranked number one in Maryland for small to medium sized business website development and third for non-profit website development by Rank Maryland.

Even though we are internationally renowned for our technical ability and design skills, our ethos is that all great websites are created before the first line of code is written. A website should unfold like an engaging story. Its flow should hold a users hand, smoothly guiding them from page to page. By weaving compelling content with intuitive design, we can deliver valuable user experiences.

Pip Coders Website Design provides local web development for Baltimore, Maryland, and D.C. area businesses. Our international work includes custom web developing for advertising agencies, record companies and publishers, elevating their marketing and sales with cutting-edge website design. Let us bring our many years of expertise to your business, by delivering our award winning website development. We regularly beat deadlines and deliver websites under budget!

Our friendly and professional approach cuts through the jargon to find your perfect, cost-effective solution. We are committed to building responsive websites that captivate your customers while diligently focusing on your commercial requirements. We specialize in modern web development, responsive design, e-commerce, search engine optimization, Google Analytics, social media marketing and multilingual content. Contact us today for a friendly chat.

Technical Prowess

Within the industry we are known as web agency problem solvers. We discreetly consultant on web solutions especially Drupal projects, helping advertising agencies, international publishing companies and less technical web agencies meet their client demands. If your client requires complicated functionality added to their site, give us a call. We are full-stack developers - Drupal 7/8 module and theme development, Symfony, PHP, SASS, HTML5, MySQL, jQuery, JS, React.js, big data Solr, Bash scripting, Linux, multilingual sites, Git workflows, gulp and docker.

We were desperately looking for a professional to build our website. After calling a dozen places, some of them never called back, some didn’t sound professional at all and, the professionals were giving me quotes way toooooo overpriced! I was starting to get disappointed, then Steve called me back! I found Pip Coders to be professional, extremely talented, very punctual and, smart. We were four people with four different ideas, he made it easy for us to get to the same page, and, he delivered exactly what we asked for, timely and professionally. We absolutely love our new website. It was an amazing experience working with Steve and Pip Coders. We are grateful.
Freya Hadwin
I contacted PiP Coders because a friend recommended them, even though we are based in NJ. We had a problem with two of our sites, due to some server upgrade problem. The owner looked at it for about an hour and rang me back with the solution.
After dealing with our usual guys this was like a breath of fresh air. And he didn't charge us! I will definitely be putting more business their way.
Milo Bamoo
Our senior management wanted our website to not only look great but to accomplish tasks including client scheduling, with content in English and Spanish. We dealt directly with PiP Coder's director Steve, who completed the project under budget. Everyone in the company loves the site since it saves us from some much paperwork. I would recommend anyone looking to revamp their digital offering to contact Steve at Pip coders.
Mandy Fisher

Making Small Business a Big Deal

Customized Services and Solutions


Is your website compatible with iPhones, tablets and Android devices? Does it display correctly on all screen sizes? The web is mobile. Don't exclude potential customers.


Sell your products online with Drupal Commerce, an industry-leading online storefront. We build secure order processing, subscription management, membership sales, and much more.


Pip Coders Website Design knows how to drive more traffic to your site and increase your sales. Our customized solutions provide analytic feedback to demistify the success of your website.


Utilize our many years developing cutting edge marketing solutions to guide your business on and off line. We can develop initiative, profitable campaigns to efficiently grow your business.

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