A quick look at the UX professional role

Generation Digital is an intolerant, unforgiving cohort when confronted with unnecessary changes or avoidable complications, injected into the usability of an app or website. Once you've lost a user, it is nearly impossible to get them back. This is where your UX professional comes to the rescue.

A modern approach to meta tagging

Website developers utilize meta tags to solve a number of problems when dealing with external client websites that analyze a website's content. See how to use meta tags for Google, Bing, Facebook and Twitter.

Building a website for a Baltimore business

Firstly, I just want to say it was a pleasure working with Auto Glass One on designing their website http://www.autoglassone.com . The folks that run Auto Glass One were the epitome of great clients.

Intermediate drush tutorial - Part 1

For Drupal website developers, drush is an indispensable line command toolkit. Like all good development tools, it can save website designers a lot of time and help to reduce errors, especially with repetitive tasks. Once installed, type 'drush help' to see the many wondrous drush commands you have at your disposal when building your website. One of the most useful ways to extend drush and streamline your Drupal web design workflow is to create aliases. They enable you to target web projects and tailor options, just by using an ampersands!

Intermediate drush tutorial - Part 2

One task that drush can complete, using just one command, is to replace the local database with your production database. This allows you, amongst other things, to test your local code updates with the production database.

A word of caution - remember with great power comes great responsibility. In a later tutorial (Part 3) I will demonstrate a file you can use to stop accidentally erasing your production database!

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You need an infinite number of monkeys bashing their monkey keyboards for an infinite amount of time to produce great code. Or you could just employ the great developers of Pip Coders. When we aren't busy developing websites we write the odd article. We would write more if we weren't just so busy!